Conewango Watershed Commission

  • Noon
  • Second Wednesday of the month



The board consists of 10 members with 5 representatives from each county. The Chautauqua County representatives are appointed by the County Executive and subject to the approval of the County Legislature. Members serve 3-year terms and Chautauqua County’s current members include: 



Term Expires:

  • Robert Carpenter                            December 31, 2019
  • Kenneth Chase, Chair                     December 31, 2019
  •  James Dye                                     December 31, 2019
  • Kristopher Ivett                                December 31, 2019
  • Carl (Pete) Smallback                     December 31, 2019
Roles and Responsibilities:
The Conewango Watershed Commission is established through a partnership with Cattaraugus County to protect, finance, operate, maintain and carryout the Conewango Creek Watershed Plan and to provide flood prevention.