1. Board of Elections

    View important election dates, press releases, and find out how to become an election inspector.

  2. County Attorney

    Discover what the Chautauqua County Attorney's Office provides.

  3. County Clerk

    Learn about the services provided by the County Clerk's Office and view the history provided by the county historian.

  4. County Executive

    Access the county executive's Monday morning memo, press releases, and department functions.

  5. District Attorney

    Learn about the district attorney and how to contact the office.

  6. Emergency Services

    Visit the Emergency Services website to learn more about the department.

  7. Finance

    Check out county budgets, finance statements, tax information, and more.

  8. Health & Human Services

    Gather information about the services provided such as administrative, family and children, legal affairs, medical assistance, public health, temporary assistance, and you affairs in Health and Human Services Department,

  9. Human Resources

    Find forms, applications, and employment opportunities.

  10. Information Services

    Find out how Information Services provides comprehensive technology, office services, and telecommunications for Chautauqua County Government, partners, and customers.

  11. Industrial Development Agency

  12. Mental Hygiene

    Gain information about how the Mental Hygiene Department provides accessible, comprehensive, integrated, outcome-based mental hygiene services of the highest quality.

  13. North Chautauqua County Water District

  14. Office for the Aging

    Access news, events, the citizen center, services, and Senior Dining Out menus.

  15. Planning & Economic Development

    Visit the Chautauqua County Planning and Economic Development website.

  16. Probation

    Gain information about Probation and Leandra's Law.

  17. Public Facilities

    Discover information regarding the area airports, building and grounds, CARTS, engineering, solid waste, parks, and transportation.

  18. Real Property Tax

    Find county tax rolls, bills, levies, rates, and more.

  19. Sheriff's Website

    Explore the divisions and services of the Sheriff's Department.

  20. South & Center Chautauqua Lake Sewer District

    Find billing information, documents, maps, and more for the South and Center Chautauqua Lake Sewer.

  21. Veteran Services

    Vain resources to benefits, employment, and healthcare.