Service and Fares

Types of Service
       -    City Service - CARTS offers this service in the cities of Jamestown, 
            Falconer, Celeron, Lakewood, and Dunkirk. 

        -    Rural-Route Service - A number of routes connect Jamestown, Dunkirk, 
            and smaller towns and villages throughout the county with morning and 
            afternoon runs.
        -    Dial-A-Ride - Curb-to-curb and door-to-door service is available for those 
            who cannot use the rural or fixed route systems due to disability. Also 
            called Demand Response, this service is on a first-come, first-served 
            basis and must be scheduled in advance. Area and times of service are 
            limited, so please call well in advance of your transportation date and 
            assure availability.
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  4. Zones

Americans With Disabilities Act

CARTS provides Dial-A-Ride public transportation to people, who due to age or disabilities, are unable to access the city fixed route service in the City of Dunkirk, Jamestown, Celeron, Lakewood, and Falconer. A person must live within three quarters of mile of the city fixed routes, unable as a result of mental or physical impairment to use the city fixed route service, or requires door-to-door assistance. Please call the CARTS Office for further information or to request an application

 Once you know how many zones you are traveling, use Fare Chart to determine the cost of your ride.
FARE CHART (With ADA Pricing)

Questions?, or if you want to verify the cost of a ride, call us at (716) 665-6466