Rules and Regulations



  1. County Trails - any designated pathways or areas of land which are under the supervision and control of the County of Chautauqua through the County Park Commission.
  2. Motor Vehicle - every vehicle including motor driven cycle, motorcycle and snowmobile, driven or operated by any power other than muscular power.
  3. Authorized emergency Vehicle - every ambulance and every vehicle operated by a police department and fire department when engaged in duties of an official capacity, or by an authorized public utility when on emergency calls, and by any law enforcement officer of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation when engaged in performance of a duty in enforcement of the environmental Conservation Law.


  1. No person shall operate or store a motor vehicle upon any portion of the County trails at any time.
  2. No person shall ride on horseback or operate any horse drawn sleigh, wagon or similar conveyance on any County trail.
  3. No person shall camp for a period exceeding twenty-four (24) hours at any designated camp area on or adjuoining any County trail. Camping shall be confided to designated areas only. Foregoing provisions shall not be applicable to State owned lands.
  4. No person shall ignite or maintain any fire on or adjuoining a County trail, except at areas designated for campfires. Foregoing provisions shall not be applicable to State owned lands. No person shall leave any fire unattended.
  5. Trespassing on private lands adjoining County trails is prohibited.
  6. No person shall deposit, discard or dump any garbage, refuse trash, litter or rubbish on or alongside any location other than at sites or in containers provided for such deposits.
  7. No person shall injure, deface, disturb or befoul any part of a County trail or building, sign, equipment or other property found thereon, nor shall any tree, flower, fern, shrub, rock or other plant or mineral be removed, injured or destroyed.
  8. No person shall use threatening, abusive or insulting language, perform any obscene or indecent act, throw stones or other missiles, interfere with, obstruct or render dangerous any trail, do any act tending to or amounting to a breach of the peace.
  9. Every person shall comply with the reasonable demand, direction or order of any authorized person; every person shall comply with directions or signs controlling use of County Trails.