Our Community Walks! Mini-Grants

Application deadline extended through July 26, 2018!

This funding opportunity provides assistance to communities located in Chautauqua County, NY to implement low-cost or small-scale improvements to enhance the safety and appearance of their streets and roads for walking. Up to 8 projects will be selected for a grant of up to $1500 per project, limit of two separate projects per city, one project per Town or Village. 

Eligibility: Municipalities, schools, or non-profit organizations from any City, Town or Village in Chautauqua County are eligible to apply. Proposals may be generated by individuals or residents in collaboration with a municipality or non-profit. A municipal official (Mayor, Village Administrator, etc.) MUST sign the proposal indicating their support. 

What does the award include? 

• Funding to help complete a project that will improve and enhance walkability and safety in your community. Examples of eligible projects include but not limited to: crosswalks, installation/repair of short key sidewalk sections, speed bumps, benches, walk-route signage, connections or extensions to existing facilities.
• Technical assistance from Chautauqua County Department of Health and Human Services (CCDHHS) on planning and design of improvements
• Technical assistance from CCDHHS for planning and promoting community walks or walking groups. 

What are the requirements for the Our Community Walks! Grant? 

• Assign a Project Coordinator who will be the liaison with CCDHHS regarding this funding opportunity.
• Provide a match in the form of direct funds or in-kind support, such as use of municipal resources (labor, equipment), community donations, or volunteers.
• Plan, promote, and host at least 3 group walks open to the public in your community before October 30, 2018. These are intended to be free, non-competitive, informal and fun!
• Submission of post-project evaluation and before and after photos.
• Submission of at least one photo from each of three community walking events.
• Communities that have not yet adopted Complete Streets policy will be encouraged to consider doing so. 

Download Application Here