Youth Bureau RFP to Provide Youth Development Programs

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RFP - 1B-19 YB to support Youth Development Programs for Chautauqua County youth under the age of 21 which provide services, opportunities, and supports designed to improve youth outcomes in the life areas outlined by the Touchstones framework. The Touchstones framework is organized by major life areas: Economic Security; Physical and Emotional Health; Education; Citizenship; Family; and Community. Each life area has a set of goals and objectives that cut across all service systems and allows organizations with diverse missions to come together to improve conditions for children and families.

Fillable Forms 

OCFS-5001-Individual-Program-Application – Youth Development Programs 

OCFS – 5002 – Agency Program Profile – Youth Development Programs 

OCFS – 5003 – Program Summary – Youth Development Programs 

Youth Bureau Budget 

Chautauqua County Youth Development Programs Funding Narrative Outline